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Marketing for technology companies is highly competitive and to rise about the competition against huge companies you'll need to be at your best. MediaDR offers proven enterprise grade marketing and IT solutions that will help you become the leader in your market. Annually you can get millions of dollars in free advertising and turn your paid advertising into a lean and unified campaigns.

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What we Offer

Expert SEO

MediaDR is the top SEO provider that has search engine optimization down to a science. We have a perfect track record of achieving #1 rankings in highly competitive space for the most revenue driving keywords. We make your organic goals obtainable.


We use custom in-house software to help you get the edge for SEO and PPC. To give you the best results we need to gather complex data on your websites and your competitor's website. We then use this technology to make wise marketing decisions.

Detailed Analytics

To produce lean paid advertising campaigns and successful SEO strategies you'll need access to in-depth data that responds to your goals. Our custom online marketing systems give you a major advantage over companies using third party tools.

Efficient PPC

Paid search ads can give you a major edge if they are lean and more efficient than your competitors. Nobody works harder to eliminate clicks that are wasteful to your budget.

Unified SEM

The most successful companies unifies their SEO and PPC efforts. Working together they can vastly improve the efficiency of your ads and the quality of the users clicking on them.

Marketing Integration

MediaDR also help you integrate our marketing efforts into your CRM system and help you setup deeper analytics to track critical numbers like revenue per dollar spent.

Success Stories

Intel Corporation

The work we have done for Intel has been extraordinary. We didn't just take a single product and deliver the #1 position on Google for the most revenue driving keywords; we did it 5 times in a row! Sounds like the results you are looking for? Sign up for a consultation today.

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