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Ready to bring major growth to your roofing company? MediaDR offers complete marketing and technology services designed specifically for the roofing industry. Our marketing solutions are proven in the roofing market and have already helped small companies become the regional leader over taking major competitors. We bring our experience in marketing for Fortune 500 companies to the roofing industry to provide our customers with the ultimate advantage over their competitors.

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What we Offer

Expert SEO

Search engines have thousands of dollars a day in free advertising available to the roofing industry in most local areas. To capture it and gain a major advantage over your competitors you'll need to work with a company that has experience in highly competitive space. MediaDR runs SEO programs for some of today's largest companies competing against billion dollar competitors and has a perfect success rate for the most revenue driving keywords. Bring that experience to your company's marketing.

Efficient Campaigns

Paid advertising is a great way to reach new customers quickly and grow business, but its also expensive and risky if its not done correctly. Paid advertising is a game of efficiency and nobody works harder to make sure every dollar you spend is maximized than we do. Fact is our customers position higher, bid less, and have higher quality leads. How do we do it? We combine our exclusive custom technology with marketing experience to deliver results like no other.

Amazing Analytics

Great marketing results don't happen by chance. It takes extensive analytics to make smart decisions that result in big gains. We offer the best analytics for the roofing industry. We track data far deeper than other marketing agencies to help us make smarter recommendations. Our roofing customers have the ability to translate campaigns to leads, appointments, and revenue. We also offer tracking lead and revenue efficiencies for your project managers and then using that data to distribute leads.

Roofing Websites

Your roofing website helps you deliver consumer confidence and convert leads and thus it must be up to today's professional standards. Your website also must work as hard as you do so it can provide agile marketing. Our service plans deliver you a processional custom website that is backed by 24/7 support. It also includes any custom development and integration you need to run and expand your business.

Content Writing

All successful roofing marketing includes a large amount of high quality content for your website. Most roofing companies don't have the time write this level of content so MediaDR provides professional roofing content writing so you can stay focused on your business.

IT Consulting

Many roofing companies do not have the technical staff to maintain the technology infrastructure it takes to grow exponentially. MediaDR offers both in-house and online IT management services so you can secure your business and reach your goals with reliable infrastructure.

Operational Systems

The larger your roofing company becomes the harder it will become for your business to process jobs after contract in a timely manner to keep your customers happy. Many make the mistake of greatly expanding the workforce which reduces the efficiency of the business, hinders marketing, and ultimately leaves you vulnerable to dry spells. MediaDR offers custom operations systems that you maximize employee efficiency so you can keep your overhead low.

Wall Dashboards

To become the roofing leader your business will have to go through digital transformation to you can process data to make key data available. MediaDR helps you maintain and integrate data so you can build powerful dashboards that help run your business. We can help you setup wall displays that give you quick access to your dashboards around the office.

On-site Presence

When you enter into a service agreement with MediaDR we schedule an on-site visit to learn about your business. This helps us understand your goals and spot inefficiency that can hinder your growth before it becomes a problem. We'll then create a strategy for success and put it in motion so you get a fast return on your investment.

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Success Stories

Rhyne Restoration

Rhyne Restoration has been in the roofing business for over 10 years and went from $3M to $25M in annual revenue in less than a year by using MediaDR to run their marketing and in-house technology. Not only did we help them drastically increase the amount of high quality leads but we helped them overhaul their infrastructure so they could handle the new capacity of business. The company uses MediaDR to help it build in-house systems for marketing and operations.

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