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Government agencies play a critical role in keeping society moving, but today they are required to provide more services with a shrinking budget. MediaDR has the experience you need to innovate your internal processes and do it on a lean budget. Professional and secure custom government software to help you take your agency to the next level.

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What we Offer

Custom Software

When we build software for you its completely customized to your needs. We develop in a rapid development language so it takes us less time to code that other server side languages which saves you time and money.

Innovative Solutions

MediaDR is well known for building solutions that are first of its kind. We specialize in merging different technologies to create a unified solution that meets the goals of your organization.

Operational Efficiency

MediaDR also offers operational efficiency services to help you locate inefficient processes in your organization and help you come up with a technology solutions to fix the problem.

Professional UI

Government applications are notorious for looking outdated and hard to use. MediaDR excels at delivering engaging interfaces that are easy to use and impress the user base.

Systems Integration

Agencies can be large and chances are you'll need to integrate with other data outside of your application. We have the experience to delivery fast and secure integrations across other systems.

Marketing Solutions

In addition to providing software solutions we also provide enterprise grade marketing solutions to help you reach you engage your people.

Success Stories


NASA needed to innovate its ground operations and planning systems to usher in the next generation of space flight systems. We created the ultimate system for them to help do this not only for the SLS space program, but also commercial craft launching from KSC.

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