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Professional Display Networks

Public dashboards used in offices are a powerful way keep groups of employees in sync with the company objectives. You see these in high-tech companies usually by mounted TVs but there is much more complexity involved. You need technology create powerful views and you'll need video production and networking knowledge to create a unified system of displays. MediaDR makes creating public dashboard infrastructure easy.

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How We Do It

Large Displays

We use 4K TVs designed for commercial use so they last a long period of time with 24/7 usage. They also have extensive connections to work with the best display technology. The size will depend on where they are going in your organization.

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Display Networks

We are capable of standing up both single screen and multi-screen display networks of any size. This gives you the ability to control each screen or sync them together.

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Production Stations

All our public dashboard systems come with production stations that give you full control of the display of content on every screen. They are robust with features like program scheduling.

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Many Content Types

Our public dashboard systems support interactive web based content, videos, images, and live streaming.

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Public dashboards are as only good as the feature they contain. Our team is capable of building custom solutions for any market. If you can think of it, we can build it.

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Live Capable

If you have a mid to large size company having company meetings can be a challenge for space. Our systems are also capable of delivering live streaming feeds so you can reach your entire office without needed to have everyone in the same room. They can also work remotely if you have multiple offices.

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