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Mobile Apps for Small and Mid Size Businesses

Usually web based applications are the easiest way to create affordable applications that work on all devices, but sometimes you'll need to create a mobile application to achieve the features you are looking for. MediaDR takes a sensible approach to mobile application development that saves you time and money without sacrificing features

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How We Do It

Web Standards

To save you the cost of maintaining software of multiple platforms that all use different technology we create mobile applications with PhoneGap, which allows you to use web development coding in installable mobile apps.

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Offline Databases

An important ability of mobile applications is to be able to store data when a user is offline. This makes your application functional without a connection. When a user connects to the internet, the application can then pass on the stored data to a larger system.

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Geo Tracking

If you are looking to track employees out in the field then you'll need to use Geo Tracking embedded in a mobile application. This gives the ability to track users on company devices with an always on connection, but limit administration level features.

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Build Once, Use on All

If you build native mobile apps for iOS or Android, then you will need to maintain two separate code bases in addition to your browser based applications. Instead of picking up three times the overhead, MediaDR helps you consolidate them into a more practical solution.

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Full Service

Our mobile applications are just like our other services in that they are full service in design and customization. We support you 24/7 because time is money to your business.

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Mobile applications can also integrate with your other web applications and your public facing website to create a unified network of features to support your customers and employees.

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