Custom Marketing Software

Designed for Your Business

Marketing systems are a critical part of smart and agile marketing. They enable you to see trending insights and adjust quickly to maximize your marketing budget. They also allow you to quickly serve your customers in an efficient and effective manner.

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How We Do It

Completely Customized

Every industry is different so shouldn't your marketing system be tailored to maximize your success in your market? MediaDR builds powerful in-house marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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Customer Management

Manage your customers in an advanced online system designed to be the best it can be in your market. Gain advantages over your competitors using ridged universal marketing software.

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All Devices

In the office and out in the field, we building marketing software that can be used everywhere and on any device. Link your employees to one integrated intelligent system.

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Application Integration

Every industry has custom tools to do smarter business. We can integrate your custom system with the tools you love and need to gain an advantage.

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Intelligent Insights

You will need powerful analytics to determine the smartest ways to spend your money. Our custom systems can provide you with analytics you can't get anywhere else.

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Top Infrastructure

All our custom marketing systems are hosted on high-end hardware that give you lightning fast access. All hardware and software to run your system as it scales is included.

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