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Highly Efficient Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the fastest way to engage new customers. While it does cost money, when its done right it can be highly rewarding. When its done wrong it can have severe consequences. Our experience helps you eliminate the risk, while maximizing gains. Nobody runs your PPC campaigns more efficiently than MediaDR.

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How We Do It

Eliminate Waste

We are very aggressive at removing keywords from your campaigns that are wasting money and we are always monitoring them for accidental clicks.

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Highest Click Rates

Search engines give you a big discount when your ads are getting clicked on more than your competitors. Our campaigns have a strong track record of very high click rates.

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Landing Experience

Getting customers to your website is one battle, but getting them to pick up the phone or take action on your forms is another. We help you improve your user experience, so you maximize customers taking action.

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Market Research

We are well known for our extensive market research to make sure you find all the keywords that bring in customers that spend money.

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PPC Intelligence

Pay Per Click success is strongly based on how you adjust to what your competitors are doing. We use advanced tools to monitor and make quick adjustments as needed.

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Massive Ad Network

Nobody gives you more advertising reach for your money than MediaDR. We support advertising on all major search engines and third-party websites of all sizes.

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Rhyne Restoration

Success Stories

Rhyne Restoration has been in the roofing business for over 10 years and went from $3M to $25M in annual revenue in less than a year by using MediaDR to run their marketing and in-house technology. Not only did we help them drastically increase the amount of high quality leads but we helped them overhaul their infrastructure so they could handle the new capacity of business. The company uses MediaDR to help it build in-house systems for marketing and operations.

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Free PPC Audits

Understand Your Market

We offer free marketing consultations to help you better understand our service plans and how they can help your company. During the consultation we'll provide you with a Free PPC Audit. Some highlights that we provide:

  • Traffic Ceiling on Google
  • Expected Cost based on Your Goals
  • Some marketing recommendations
  • Market Analysis