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If you are looking for an immediate return on your investment and are looking to bring in a high quality customers in large volumes, then you should have a look at our Paid Advertising services.

All of our paid advertising solutions are included in service plans, so you pay a quarterly flat fee to use them and they do not scale with your spending, giving you a static predictable cost.

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How We Do It

Eliminate waste

All campaigns must prove themselves during trials and we run extensive analytics to track the success of every marketing campaign. We help you eliminate bad campaigns and find others that produce.

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Highest Click Rates

Many ad engines give you a big discount when your ads are getting clicked on more than your competitors. Our campaigns have a strong track record of very high click rates.

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Landing Experience

Getting customers to your website is one battle, but getting them to pick up the phone or take form action is another. We help you improve your user experience, so you maximize customers taking action.

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Deepest Analytics

If you are only tracking success based on clicks, phone calls, or form leads, then you are missing out on essential data to your success. MediaDR helps you track highly detailed information such as revenue per dollar spent.

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Ad Diversity

Don't just rely on a single source of advertising. Fact is ad pricing adjusts and what maybe be working now, may not in the future. A diverse set of campaigns ensures steady reliable growth, protects you from slow periods, and lets you take advantage of a hot market.

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Proactive Relationships

Every market is different, and your best quality users may not be able to be reached by traditional pay per click networks. We also explore niche websites in your industry to help you negotiate ad spending in a variety of other billing models.

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